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Faq topics
1.I'm establishing a Company and I don't have a VAT number but I need a registered address. Can I hire the service?
Sure, it's the eternal question of what came first, the egg or the chicken?

In these cases what you must do at the time of contracting with us and fill in your data, is to indicate in the field Company number / VAT number of the company as "Pending". This way we will know that it is a company under construction.

Initially we will issue a proforma invoice and once we have the VAT number of the company we will proceed to issue the final invoice in the name of the company.
2.What documentation should I provide?

After contracting a business address service or a Virtual Office you must send us the following documentation by email, depending if you are company or self-employed:


1. Complete deed of incorporation of the company where the current Administrator appears and Articles of Association
2. Company VAT number
3. Personal Identification card or NIE and Passport
4. Banking document that validates number and holder of the company bank account, should you want to domicile the monthly receipts.


1. DNI (Personal Identification Card) or NIE and Passport
2. Last receipt of self-employment
3. Banking document that validates number and holder of the bank account, should you want to domicile the monthly receipts.

3.What will be the address of my virtual office?
The address will be the same as that of the Business Centre, depending on the place and location selected at the time of contracting.

To receive your correspondence, you must indicate in the address of the recipient YOUR NAME (in case of self-employed) or the NAME OF YOUR COMPANY and the address of the Business Centre.

After making the contract and payment you will receive an email with all the information related to the contract, including the complete address and contact number of the Business Centre.
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1.Why should I pay a security deposit?
The security deposit is mandatory in all contracts, and is returned once the contract ends. In many cases our clients use additional services, such as the advance of scanned correspondence by email, forwarding correspondence to another address, receiving or sending faxes, or other services at an additional cost.
2.What is the form of payment?
The first payment must be made at the time of online contracting. You will be able to select between several payment methods, credit/debit card, Paypal or bank transfer to the account that we will indicate you at the end of the hiring process.

The subsequent instalments can be paid by direct debit or bank transfer to the issuance of the invoice.

To domicile the receipts it will be necessary to sign the corresponding SEPA Mandate, that we will send you, by the person authorized for this purpose.
3.Do you let me know when I have mail?
Usually our Centres will notify you by email when you receive important mail, i.e. certified mail, urgent, burofax, parcel and courier. It's not usually notified when you receive regular mail, although you can always contact the Centre directly by phone or email to find out if you have mail.

Remember that we can also forward your email to another address if you wish. Contact us about the cost.
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1.What services does a Virtual Office include?

The Virtual Office offers all the advantages of a traditional, full time office, but without the need to rent offices or a physical space, so you can keep costs low and controlled at all times. By hiring a virtual office, you will receive all the benefits of having a physical office that includes a prestigious address and a first class live telephone answering service, creating a professional impression for all your customers. A professional team of assistants will be the first line of your business and will create a lasting impression within the framework that you're providing.

With a virtual office you will have a custom service that will usually include the following options, among others:

  • A prestigious address and central location.
  • A complete mail reception and forwarding service.
  • An exclusive phone number, answering professionally with your business name.
  • Fax reception and forwarding.
  • Access to offices and meeting rooms equipped with the highest quality.
2.Can you forward my mail to another address?
The correspondence received can be forwarded according to your preferences, for example, on demand, or permanently weekly or monthly. You decide the frequency. Remember that you must request your preferences specifically; we do not forward anything without prior request.

We can also advance the scanned content of your correspondence by email, so if it is something urgent you will save time.

Please contact us about the costs of these services.
3.Can I use the hired address as my company's registered and fiscal address?
At the time of contracting you should pay special attention to the services included, as some Centres offer a more cost-effective option for those who only require the address for commercial use (non-social and fiscal).

If you need to use the hired address as your company's registered and/or fiscal address, make sure it's included in the description of the services included.
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1.Can I use my own phone number for the telephone answering service?
When contracting the telephone answering service or virtual office service, you will be assigned a telephone number. In most of our Centres the assigned number is unique to your company and calls will be answered with the name of your company.
In some Centres you will be assigned a generic number in which case the calls will be answered in a generic way, for example, good morning or good afternoon!

If you want to keep the number you already have, you must divert it to the assigned number. This way when someone calls your usual number, the call will enter the number that we have assigned you and so we can answer it properly.
2.How quickly can you start answering my calls?
In some of our Business Centers, the service can be activated immediately, while in others it may take between 1-2 working days. That all depends on how fast the Center can assign you the telephone number after you sign up.
3.What happens when more than one person calls at the same time?
By hiring the telephone answering service, you benefit from a communications infrastructure as large enterprises. Your number can receive multiple simultaneous calls and Center staff will answer all calls so that no one will ever receive a busy tone.
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