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In we have a wide range of services that can be customized to suit your business and budget. Our virtual office services offer you the flexibility you need to grow your business and avoid unnecessary costs.

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The minimum contract is 1 month. When buying the service you start a monthly contract that is renewed automatically for equal periods.

In many of our services you have the option to contract on an annual basis and benefit from an interesting discount. In this case, after expiry of the year, the contract will be renewed for an equal period.

To cancel the service you must notify us in written with 30 days notice before the last day of the month.

The main difference is that the busiseness address service does not allow the use of the address contracted for Social or Fiscal use. If you need a social and fiscal address for your company registration, then you must hire the registered address service.

The business address service is ideal for those who simply need an additional address to receive their regular correspondence and to have an address, for example, for the website or for a commercial office of the company.

The detailed description of what each service includes you will find on the page of the particular service, please pay special attention before hiring the service.

Normally we do not notify you when you receive regular mail. In most of our Centers notification service by email is included when you receive non-ordinary mail, ie express mail, certified mail or small packages.

Additionally you have the option to contact the Center directly to ask if you have received mail. In addition, you can also request the Center to forward you the mail scanned by email, and even have it all forwarded to another address. The expenses of these services will be charged to your next bill.

When you hire the telephone answering service you will be assigned a local telephone number. Most of our Centers offer personalized call answering, which means that the assigned number will be exclusive for you and all incoming calls to that number will be answered live with the name of your company.

In some Centers the service is not personalized, so you should pay special attention to the description of the service before hiring. In this case you are assigned a generic telephone number and the calls are answered with a "Good morning or good afternoon".

All calls are answered live by the reception staff of the Center within the established opening hours. As a regular rule, the staff will take a detailed message and forward the message to you by email immediately afterwards. There is the option (only for personalized telephone answering) that calls can be transferred to your mobile, in which case an additional cost per call will apply.

We can not do the portability of your current number, since this option is reserved for telecommunications companies.

In case you have a telephone number of your own and want to keep it, you have the option to ask your telephone company to make a permanent call divert to the telephone number that we have assigned to you. Thus all the calls to your usual number will enter into the new number and we will be able to attend them properly.

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